Keeping Communities Safe

House Representative Steve Chabot is a proactive and integral advocate in the successful effort to pass the legislation needed to protect Ohio Students in the school environment.

Rep. Chabot recommends us as a Security Provider for Ohio Schools, thanks to our partner and Government Liaison, Ken Davis, who has acted as a liaison to Rep. Chabot in his search for the latest technology to answer the call of Ohioans for ACTION to be taken NOW to protect our students.

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Steve Chabot 
Advocate for Ohio Student Safety


Yesterday's DVR Camera Surveillance technology is obsolete in its ability to challenge today (and tomorrow's) would-be perpetrators. These systems are reactive instead of proactive.

Let OUR TEAM us introduce you to security systems with (tomorrow's) smart technology, stopping potential perpetrators BEFORE a possible intrusion and gathering intel to continuously provide improved security policies for YOUR TEAM.

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The Future

Get onboard with Acquired Cyber Intelligence connecting instantly with Physical Interactive Response Teams (School, Business, Police and Fire Department.

Police and Fire departments calls are automated allowing them to avert dangerous situations in advance of mass tradgedy, saving more lives. Our proprietary Precognitive and Post Event Analytics are game changers!

One place Americans find themselves united (regardless of political party affiliation) is in the need for safety in our communities, and especially in regard to our most precious prized asset....our STUDENTS. They represent our future, and deserve a secure learning environment. 

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Old School

to provide:
Metro Bus System Cameras
High School Camera Systems

"The benefit of this system is going  eventually lead all law enforcement into the next generation technology resulting in smart policing by law enforcement. It's not only going to benefit law enforcement but schools, businesses and industry as well."  -Ken Davis


Ken Davis, former Ohio State Trooper, has been involved in law enforcement for thirty years and extensively proactive in Crime Prevention for more than twenty of those years. Ken and  our CEO, Allen Sheff, collaborated to to apply this technology innovative ways that have revolutionized the way law enforcement responds to incidents at school, banks, businesses and industry.