CEO, Technical Director

Angelo Peruch

Technical/Product Support

Sheila Preston

Program Coordinator

Kenneth Davis

Allen Sheff


Allen Sheff, Team Lead is a 30-year veteran, visionary and leading technology expert, President and CEO of Cincinnati-based, DSS Installations, Inc. a commercial technology company serving digital and security solutions for Hospitals, Corporations, privately held Apartment and Condo Complexes, Government Sponsored Community Housing, Major Hotel chains across the US, including, Doubletree Guest Suites, Hilton Hotels & Resorts, and Ronald McDonald House. Allen has an extensive knowledge of the state-of-the-art digital equipment needed for securing our students attending Ohio Schools, and has been party to a number of digital surveillance systems patents. Allen, father of two daughters, one who teaches in the Monroe School System, and the other who has a daughter of her own. He is highly motivated to keep our schools and students as safe as possible.

  • Emery World-Wide (500 installs to prevent a 911 call)
  • First metro Bus System Camera
  • First High School Camera System


Sheila Preston is our School and Outside Sales Representative Coordinator for Community and Business. Sheila has over 25 years of executive organizational experience with over 135 government, and national trade and association clients (non-profit and not-for-profit) spanning more than 20 years. Sheila and her husband, Dave Preston, have six married children and 12 grandchildren giving them a vested interest in school safety. 


Brittany Lind is the Team Executive Administrative Assistant and Communications Coordinator, and Office Administrator for DSS Installations, Inc.


Angelo Peruch, 30-year technology veteran, has vast experience in leading teams providing design, installation, customer and product support for technology solutions.  Angelo provides product support, analytics and training for the Team. He has extensive knowledge in preventative security systems, regarding products, application, installation, and training. Angelo, a husband, grandfather, and parent of a special needs son, has a heart for the safety of school children. 

All technicians must go through a rigorous certification process to work on the Installation and Support Team.


Ken Davis has over 30 years of State and Local police experience and serves as a consultant to the Team and as a Liaison to Representative Steve Chabot. He has collaborated closely with Representative Chabot on his mission to secure Federal Funding to aid our schools on the cost of implementing Security Solutions, as well connecting Rep. Ken, along with CEO, Allen Sheff, have developed the processes our organization is using to provide futuristic security and surveillance techniques using equipment that is far in advance of today's standard monitoring packages.


Dave is a 40-year veteran of the energy industry, with extensive experience as a professional trainer, course developer, instructor, classroom instructor, engineer and website developer. He is a certified Kepner Tregoe program Instructor, PSDM (Problem Solving and Decision Making processes).



Our projects are created in a collaborative fashion with cooperation from the Community, Local, State, and Federal governments. We are well positioned to facilitate the interactions with all these entities, providing a seamless, easy solution to the end user. From liaison with government entities, consulting with end users and first responders, to providing the highest quality products and services, we offer an exceptional value to be your sole point of contact in our shared goal of making communities and businesses safe environments. 


Onsite Security Solutions is recommended by Ohio Representative, Steve Chabot. We have a business unit devoted to responding to the public outreach by parents, schools, parent organizations and the community in regard to epidemic of school violence in the US. For the first time in decades, federal funding for building and modernization of school facilities is available. Our Parent Company, DSS Installations, has a proven track record of providing high quality deliverables to both private and public-sector customers for over 30 years. 

The Team consists of a partnership among a group of diversely experienced individuals, who share a mutual passion to protect the Business Community, Private and Public Facilities, and School Children. We create safer environments in which to live, work and play.

Government Liaison